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"Clark, I love you and I can't let you go. No matter how many times I try and start over, you'll always be there!"
Angel Valentine
Family James Valentine (father)
Leah Valentine (mother)
Peter Valentine (brother)
Occupation Server at the Talon (formerly)
Powers and
Healing capabilities
Deactivation of Kryptonite
Superhuman stength (temporary)
Played By Alona Tal
Status Alive
Last Seen 2012 (Detective)

Angel Valentine is the daughter of Leah Valentine amd James Valentine, the older sister of Peter Valentine, and the first and former wife of Clark Kent.

She attended high school with Clark, as well as Chloe Sullivan, and Lana Lang. It was within high school that she reconnected and redeveloped her crush on Clark. In Season Two, she confessed to him and the two started a relationship. However, after the first real kiss between Lana Lang and Clark, she quickly broke it off and moved to Metropolis.

Six months later, she returned and re-sparked her relation with Clark, moving in with him and the Kents, while also sharing a room with him as well. However, this later ended in Season Three, when Martha Kent informed her that Jonathan had caught Alicia Baker in bed with Clark.

However, she kept her friendship with him, and this slowly returned to a relationship throughout the course of Season Three and Four, as Clark pleaded with her to give him another try.