Etrigan The Demon is a character appearing in the series Metropolis, portrayed by Jackie Earle Haley.

Etrigan with mysterious cave paintings


In Lobo Part 1, Etrigan meets a strange man, whose name is sitll yet to be revealed, in a cave full of odd paintings and carvings of gods, demons, mortals, and aliens. He tells the man he is weakening, and the man tells him to seak a host and charge up his power. Etrigan is then ordered to leave. In Lobo Part 2, Etrigan invaded a college party and, using his last ounce of strength, transformed into a green, glowing wisp, and flies into Jason's soul, where he posesses him, and goes to sleep to charge up his power. When Jason wakes up, the sunlight from the window makes Jasons body burn away, and, as Jason screams, reveals Etrigan, who is laughing, and now has more power. He destroys the college, and is confronted by The Flash, who is no match for the demons power. Etrigan walks off to meet the mysterious man in the caves.