George Vandervolt[A.K.A motormouth Georgie as he loves to talk too much.] is a mobster and current owner of his father's restaurant the sleepy willow after killing him. He is played by Steve Burton. George was a mobster and thug who worked for his father Ronnie. He was a drug trafficker and all arond muney laundering thug who nearly almost tortured Lana to death although Clark saved her. He then starts an alliance with Bruno Mannheim. He will kidnap Clark and bring him to Bruno if he and his men commit a drive-by on Clark's house. Later he commits the drive-by but Clark's mother somehow survived,Clark was angered by this and vowed to personally destroy George and Bruno. He then tracks them to a Night Club owned by George called the Kissy Kissy club. He and Bruno try to turn Chloe against Clark but failed. However this fails and the two are nearly killed by Clark.