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"In life, the road to darkness is a journey, not a light switch."

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"Haven't you ever loved someone so much that you stayed by their side, no matter how many times they made mistakes, no matter what they were, or choices they made? The road to darkness is a journey, not a light switch, Clark!"
—Jessica speaks with Clark
Lisa Luthor
Jessica Luthor
Family Lex Luthor (husband, seperated), Lionel & Lillian Luthor (parents-in-law)
Occupation Lex's Assistant (formerly)

Waitress at Talon

Powers and
Clairvoyance, Premonitions, and temporary immunity to lead
Played By Ellen Page
Status Unknown
Last Seen 2006 (Vessel)

Jessica Luthor (formerly Williams) is the fourth wife of Lex Luthor, a close friend of Lana Lang and Clark Kent, as well as something of a daughter of Martha Kent and Jonathan Kent.

Physical Appearance Edit

Jessica season 7

Jessica in Season Seven

Jessica is approximately 5 foot and 9 inches tall, has chocolate brown eyes and matching hair. Her choice in clothing, being the opposite of Lex, is simplified, being "whatever is available". However, over the time she has spent with Lex over the seasons, she has begun to wear mostly dresses or women's business suits.

Over time, Jessica has received quite a few scars, one of which runs down the left side of her face. Though it is known that Lex insisted that she cover up them up, these scars remain uncovered and "open to the world". The second scar she possesses runs down the length of her back, while the third one she has runs down her arm, and is a result of a glass chandelier shattering over her head, caused by Danny Rossum.

Personality Edit

"Haven't you ever loved someone so much that you stayed by their side, no matter how many times they made mistakes, no matter what they were, or choices they made, Clark? The road to darkness is a journey, not a light switch, Clark!"
—Jessica explains her loyalty towards Lex to Clark

Jessica's most notably trait is her strong sense of loyalty. This loyalty, combined with her strong love for Lex, has been a strong theme throughout the series, as she remained by Lex's side, no matter how "dark" he became. This resulted in the end of several of her friendships, namely Clark's. Despite this, she remained quite close with Jonathan and Martha Kent, mantaining her relations with them, despite the abeforementioned's supposed dislike for the Luthors.

However, Jessica is sensitive, and this is considerably troublesome in her and Lex's relationship as the two had several arguments when they first began their relationship and this resulted in Jessica walking out for days at a time, one of which where she was involved in a car accident ("Tempest"). Nevertheless, these walk-outs have actually given them both time to work out their own feelings and such, and even make their bond stronger (Lex rushed to the hospital to see her in "Vortex").

Powers & Abilities Edit



Temporary Immunity to LeadEdit

Vulnerabilities Edit

Jessica has the vunerabilities of any human, something that is often forgotten. Around the time she was twenty, she did have a temporary immunity to lead, but this was only temporary. Jessica's human vulnerabilities have been used against her several times, such as when Danny Rossum shattered a chandelier above her and severely injured her, and when a yet-to-be-revealed intruder nearly shot her, had it not been for Lex.

Early Life Edit

"Clark: So how'd you lose them?
Jessica: My mother? Leukemia. My father? Drunk driver.
—Jessica with Clark

Jessica nine

Jessica around the time she wandered into the field with Lex

Jessica was born as the first and only child of her unnamed parents, whom were both good friends of Lionel and Lilian Luthor. She grew up with Lana Lang, Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent, and Lex Luthor. Her father was a locksmith and her mother was a creative painter, both skills Jessica inherited.

However, when she was three, her mother fell victim to breast cancer and died when Jessica was four. Her father lost himself in alcoholism and eventually died in a car crash that killed both him and Jessica's aunt. She was nearly put into the system, but a kind woman, Nana, adopted her, and introduced her to to a kinder side to herself.

Then, in 1989, she wandered into the corn field with Lex, and was hit by a meteor, which caused her own cancer to heal, and her powers to develop. She was found by Lionel Luthor and saved by Jonathan Kent, who helped Lex as well.

Shortly after the meteor shower, Jessica was promptly placed in the hospital and scans revealed that she had indeed possessed cancer, but it had healed, and that she had a broken leg from the accident. She was then returned to the care of Nana and took some months to recover.

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  • Throughout Season Two, Jessica wore a ring with the Luthor family crest on it
  • Jessica attended all of Lex's marriages, being a bridesmaid at his first in "Promise"
  • Clark called Jessica a Luthor in their argument in Season Two, which could have been a foreshadowing of her and Lex's marriage