Justice League

Team of heroes

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"Come on, boys, let's go save the world."
Management Superman (current),
Watchtower (former),
Green Arrow (former)
Location Worldwide
Status Operational

The Justice League is a team of heroes working together to keep both Metropolis and the world safe. It has been headed at different times by Green Arrow, Watchtower and finally Clark Kent.


Smallville's version of a proto-Justice League first appeared in Season Six. At first Oliver Queen was their leader, since Absolute Justice, Part 2, Clark Kent has become the leader.

Field TeamEdit

Image Code Name Real Name First appeared
300px-ClarkSeriesFinale-1- Superman Clark Kent Pilot
Solar battery: This ability is the primal core from which all of Clark's superhuman powers and abilities manifest from.

300px-SVFortuneOliver-1- Green Arrow Oliver Queen Sneeze
Master archer: Oliver Queen is extremely skilled archer.

300px-917Smallville1347-1- Martian Manhunter John Jones / J'onn J'onzz Static
John, as a Martian, has all the more common powers that Kryptonians do, such as vast super-strength, amazing speed, stamina and invulnerability.

300px-S10ep12-dl-1- Black Canary Dinah Lance Siren
Sonic scream: Black Canary has a subsonic scream which generates a powerful sound wave, which can disintegrate arrows, shatter glass and knock people unconscious.

300px-S10ep9ac-1- Aquaman Arthur Curry / Orin Aqua
Enhanced underwater breathing, swimming at super speed, super strength, hydrokinesis, communication with marine life.

300px-VictorDVDcap-1- Cyborg Victor Stone Cyborg
Super strength, stamina, and durability, enhanced physical characteristics, ability to interface with computer systems.

Teen-Wolf-1x04-colton-haynes-24160525-1280-720-1- Guardian Thomas North Sleeper
Ability replication: This ability is the primal core from which all of Thomas's superhuman powers and abilities are copied from.

300px-Courtneywhitmoreicarus-1- Stargirl Courtney Whitmore Absolute Justice
She has no powers herself but the Cosmic staff allows the following: teleportation, energy projection and flight.

300px-913Smallville0648-1- Zatanna Zatanna Zatara Hex
Magic: Zatanna possesses the ability to control magic.

300px-E20Karafinal-1- Supergirl Kara Kent Bizarro
Solar battery: This ability is the primal core from which all of Kara's superhuman powers and abilities manifest from.

Superman SV S11 5LC9f-1- Batman Bruce Wayne Detective
Genius intellect, master detective, peak human strength and agility, skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

Support TeamEdit

This is a list of team members who aren't sent on missions or rarely are, but mainly support the main heroes in one way or another.

Image Code Name Real Name First appeared
300px-01049-1- Watchtower Chloe Sullivan Pilot
Over the years, Chloe has developed the research and computer skills to get just about any piece of information she needs.

300px-S10e17-9iwe22-1- Dr. Hamilton Emil Hamilton Bulletproof
Emil Hamilton is extremely dexterous even by doctor standards.

300px-Lois finale2-1- Lois Lane Lois Lane Crusade
Highly skilled hand-to Hand combatant: She had aquired a third-degree black belt in Karate.

300px-TMercerFinale-1- Watchtower II/Red Tornado Tess Mercer Odyssey
Deep sea diving, kickboxing, hand-to-hand combat, aikido, bo-staff fighting and intelligence. In cyber form: Technology/Electronic manipulation, holographic projection, technology interface and longevity. In robot form: Aerokinesis and flight.

Former MembersEdit

A list of people who were on the team who have either died or no longer work in the team.

Image Code Name Real Name Status
300px-Carterhallicarus-1- Hawkman Carter Hall Absolute Justice
Reincarnation: Carter is cursed to come back to life again and again.

300px-Bartdoomsdaydvdcap-1- Impulse Bart Allen Run
Super speed: Bart's chief ability is that he can run, exercise, react, or move his body at overwhelming superhuman speeds.

1000px-S9ep10-748-1- Speedy Mia Dearden Crossfire
Master archer: Because of being trained by Oliver Queen, Mia has become an extremely skilled archer.


This is a list of people who the League has encountered, but either are not League members or have a heroic identity.

Image Code Name Real Name First appeared
300px-911Smallville0614-1- Doctor Fate Kent Nelson Absolute Justice
Helmet of Nabu: Dr. Fate's powers were all derived from his golden helmet, called the Helmet of Nabu. The helmet contains the mystical spirit of the ancient Nabu.

Wildcat Ted Grant Absolute Justice
Resurrection: Ted possesses the ability to return from the dead, a total of nine times. These "nine lives" are characteristic of the mythical properties of average house cats.

300px-S10ep9mera-1- Mera Mera Patriot
Enhanced Underwater Breathing, swimming at super speed, super strength, hydrokinesis.

Shield 0945-1- The Suicide Squad Suicide Squad Shield
Expert marksman, high frequency energy blast, ability absorption, teleportation and cryokinesis.

300px-BoosterGoldSM-1- Booster Gold Michael Jon Carter Booster
While having no special powers on his own, Booster Gold was given a variety of abilities from the objects he stole from the future. He stole a high-tech suit, a Legion ring and Skeets.

Requiem-smallville-4644224-1280-720 Valkyrie Lana Lang Pilot
Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Lana first learned to fight from Lex after she was attacked by Andy and his gang, taking him down with a spin kick. Following her training with Carter Bowfry, she has proven that her fighting skills are among the elite, she and Oliver Queen fought to a standstill, as well as fought against Tess Mercer and won.

DianaClose-up Wonder Woman Diana Prince Olympus
Super strength, super speed, invulnerability, super dexterity and skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

911Smallville0494 The Flash Jay Garrick Absolute Justice, Part 1
Super speed: Jay's chief ability is that he can run, exercise, react, or move his body at overwhelming superhuman speeds.

The Titans Teen Titans Teen Titans Titans
Solar battery, telekinesis, vast super-strength, amazing speed, stamina, invulnerability, master archer, energy projection, super strength, enhanced speed, super durability, flight, shapeshifting into any state of water or any animal.


  • Season Six: Justice
    • Justice & Doom
  • Season Seven: Siren
  • Season Eight: Odyssey, Hex, Doomsday
  • Season Nine: Savior, Absolute Justice, Part 1, Absolute Justice, Part 2, Checkmate, Salvation
  • Season Ten: Isis, Ambush, Patriot, Luthor, Icarus, Collateral, Prophecy
  • Season Eleven: Haunted, Effigy, Hollow