"He is utterly and totally immoral, he would kill anyone or anything that crossed him, if only for the thrills."
Elijah Terrason describing his opposite sibling.

Kol Terrason was the youngest son of Terra and the unnamed Old One mother, he was the second youngest Old One and Eighth oldest Old One but despite this he had amazing Super strength that surpassed all of his family, Kol however was described as more animal than man as he enjoyed picking fights for the thrill of battle and the hunt. Despite this however, he was not the primary Old One to fear in the Kryptonian Chaos series, as his aggressive ways made him the most predictable of all the Old Ones.


Pre-Kryptonian Chaos seriesEdit

Birth and youthEdit

Freedom and being NeutralizedEdit

Kryptonian Chaos seriesEdit


"Long time, brother."
—Kol to Klaus, upon his first awakened appearance.

Personality and traitsEdit

"I've met a lot of people, and you particularly don't stand out."
—Kol Terrason to Lex Luthor.

Kol has a pedantic attitude, malevolent, quite thrill seeking, very mischievous and a little crazy - Rebekah at one point called him a Lunatic for these traits. He can be very gentlemanly, formal and change drastically to be very direct and rude. When Kol is presented to Chloe, he does so with respect, but when Lex Luthor is presented to Kol, he ignores and degrades him. Usually, he shows excitement, anxiety and cruelty, when it comes to "play" with his brothers and sister. Kol is very sincere, funny and direct, especially when it comes to making fun of his other siblings (especially Rebekah and Niklaus). Kol says: "Our sister is a strumpet, but at least she's having fun". Kol is the opposite of Elijah, while Elijah is moral to a fault, Kol is as immoral as a mindless Kryptonian with no sense of right or wrong.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kol is a very handsome vampire who appears to be the second youngest of the Old Ones, given the time he was born from his mother. Physically, Kol is similar with Elijah in facial features, but younger. Kol is tall and has a toned body. He has a seductive voice, features a beautiful and a well marked face with a devilish smile.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit