The Old Ones were a species of Human-like Aliens with the collective powers of a Kryptonian and Xenonian without most of their weaknesses, the Old Ones had a powerful family-like structure that was nearly impossible to shatter however that changed over 2000 years ago when one of their kind killed their mother and the other siblings fled, their parents were tyrants and Niklaus hunted down his siblings and later killed their father. All of the Old Ones, were part of the Terrason family and appear in the Kryptonian Chaos series.


Notable Old Ones:Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Abilities:Edit

  • Super Strength - Old Ones are much stronger than Kryptonians, Xenonians and humans. They are able to decapitate other species with a single chop and shatter windows and doors with small objects. A Old One's strength increases with time.
  • Super Speed - Old Ones are much faster than Kryptonians, Xenonians and humans. They are able to stop other supernatural species in their tracks and run miles in mere minutes. A Old One becomes faster over time.
  • Heightened Senses - Old Ones have extremely enhanced, keen senses of hearing, sight (also have night vision and x-ray vision), smell, and taste. Their senses improve slowly over time.
  • Super Agility - Old Ones possess superhuman agility, and dexterity. They can move, jump, climb, and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. This ability improves slowly over time.
  • Flight - Old Ones are capable of High speed flight and aerial combat, easily using their speed and agility while in the air, to best any flight-capable species.
  • Accelerated Healing - Old Ones can recover from injury much quicker and more effectively than ordinary Kryptonians, Xenonians and humans.
  • Durability - Old Ones can take far more trauma than Kryptonians, Xenonians, and humans can without much discomfort or injury. Old Ones can heal faster than Kryptonians when exposed to Kryptonite and a Kryptonian dagger does not seem to weaken them. Invulnerable to damage from high or low temperatures.
  • Mind Compulsion - Old Ones can compel the minds of humans, Kryptonians, and most alien species.
  • Kryptonite Detection - They able to detect when Xenonians and humans are on Kryptonite.
  • Lie Detection - Old Ones can detect when someone is lying or not stating the full truth on certain matters.
  • Immortality - Old Ones do not physically age, they have eternal youth and beauty, also have amazing voices, they have perfect white teeth and flawless smooth skin a don't need to breathe eat or drink (although they can and do feel the sensations of hunger and thirst), are nearly indestructible, and will live forever. Old Ones also have eidetic memory.
  • Dream Manipulation - Old Ones and Xenonians can control dreams and subconscious. They can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming. Other effects of this ability is the distortion of reality and trapped in the dreams. Sometimes, rarely, they do so unconsciously.
  • Emotional Control - Old Ones and Xenonians can control and manipulate the emotions of one's self.

Exotic AbilitiesEdit

Other Kryptonian AbilitiesEdit

Kryptonian Powers were also used by the Old Ones, most notably those of the family that created the Kryptonians, were capable of other Kryptonian Powers. The known Old Ones were Kain Terrason, Niklaus Terrason, Kol Terrason and Elijah Terrason.

  • Heat ray vision - Kryptonians and some Old Ones were easily capable of Heat ray vision.
  • Advanced Technopathy - Some Old Ones are capable of connecting mentally and interfacing with Technology, they can use a form of advanced telekinetic abilities, described as magnetism when it comes to technology.
  • Super Breath - Kryptonians and some Old Ones can create strong pulses of air, and hurricanes just by exhaling air from their mouth.
  • Arctic Breath - Kryptonians and some Old Ones can freeze objects and people with their breath.

Other Xenonian Abilities:Edit

Xenonian Powers were also used by the Old Ones, most notable those of the family that created the Xenonians, were capable of other Xenonian powers. The known Old Ones were Ebel Terrason, Seth Terrason and Rebekah Terrason.

  • Electrokinesis - A notable power used by some Old Ones and Xenonians, practitioners could channel energy (thermal, solar, electrical, radial, etc) in and around them, into bolts of pure energy. Anger and powerful emotions tend to alter the strength of this ability, making it stronger and sometimes in a rookie's hands, unpredictable.
    • Energy absorption - Old Ones and Xenonians were easily capable of draining energy and short-circuiting technology, easily.
    • Kryptonite absorption - Powerful Old Ones and Xenonians were easily capable of draining energy and radiation from Kryptonite, rendering them powerless and useless.
  • Telekinesis - A notable power used by some Old Ones and Xenonians, practitioners could alter the movement of molecules to the point that he or she could move objects mentally, with very little effort depending upon the size.
    • Spontaneous Combustion - Powerful Old Ones and Xenonians could manipulate the molecules within a person, destroying limbs all the way up to a vehicle.
  • Telepathy - Powerful Old Ones and Xenonians could enter the minds of other people, creating lasting damage to them.
    • Mental Stunning - Powerful Old Ones and Xenonians could stun the minds of their enemies, rendering them unconscious.
    • Pain generation - Powerful Old Ones and Xenonians could generate powerful waves of pain that would cause an individual great pain and eventually unconsciousness.
      • Psi Blasts - Powerful Old Ones and Xenonians could force a charge of mental energy into a person's mind, damaging their memories or knowledge.
    • Information absorption - Powerful Old Ones and Xenonians could drain information from an individual with ease and sometimes without lasting damage.
  • Pyrokinesis - Old Ones and Xenonians could generate and control flames, with ease.

Individual Old One Abilities:Edit

  • Magic - Ebel was a master of drawing upon positive and negative life energy, as well as other sources of energy, in which to cast spells. Ebel was easily capable of casting wordless spells, it is stated that all Witches may be descendants of a bi-product experiment that he created from his own DNA and all Witches are said to draw energy from him.
  • Shape-shifting - Kain was a master shifter, able to shape-shift into countless of animal and sometimes even human forms, which he used to his advantage.


  • Green Kryptonite - The Old Ones are not affected by Green Kryptonite the same way as Kryptonians, Green Kryptonite burns them and those under the effects of it either from drinking or injecting its liquid form, or even just wearing it are immune to compulsion.
  • Kryptonian dagger - Although the Dagger does not kill them permanently, once stabbed in the chest, it will take a few hours before they reanimate and pull the Dagger from their chest.
  • Black Kryptonite dagger - A Black Kryptonite Dagger can kill an Old One but only so long as the Dagger remains in their heart, if the dagger were to be removed, they would revive hours later. If a Xenonian, Metahuman or Kryptonian were to use the Dagger however, they would be permanently killed despite the success of neutralizing the Old One.
  • White Kryptonite - A sharp length of White Kryptonite, if stabbed through the heart can permanently kill a Old One, but it destroys the White Kryptonite in the process. Since Krypton was destroyed, the only White Kryptonite was a Dagger that was used against Terra, since it was used against him no more known White Kryptonite is said to exist.