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"Greatest hero in the world? You wear tights."
—Pandora makes fun of Oliver Queen
Pandora Scarlette
Family None (all deceased)
Occupation Employee of Queen Industries (formerly)

Member of Justice League

Powers and

Superhuman strengh, reflexes, agility, resilience and healing
Naturally occuring fighting skills
Immortality (supposedly)

Played By Charlize Theron
Status Alive

Pandora Scarlette, sometimes known as Scar or Scarlette, is a vigilante formerly working as an informant for Lex Luthor, and currently is a member of the team of heroes known as the Justice League, as Pandora or the One Who Opened the Box.

When she was young, Pandora opened a box, that unleashed death upon her family and supposedly unleashes pain and suffering, later revealed to be Danny Rossum. This began her long life of migration, in which she was forced to work as a mercenary, and began working for ambassadors, mayors, and even company owners such as Lionel Luthor.

Around the time she was sixteen, Pandora's ability to alter probability had manifested and she began to use it in a variety of games, namely high stakes poker, to get her money which she could survive on. This was how she met Oliver Queen.

In Season Six, she was first seen interrupting one of Oliver's many training sessions, balancing on her hands as he was.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Pandora outfit

Pandora's main outfit, as seen from behind

Pandora outfit change

Pandora wearing a different outfit at a party

Pandora is 5'2" and approximately 200 pounds, making her weigh more than Oliver. She has short black hair and green-brown eyes. Pandora has the "scar" of her box, something to "remind" her of what she unleashes on the world, across her chest as mentioned by Oliver.

Pandora has mantained the same appearance for thousand of years, rarely changing it. The only noticable difference amongst these are the fact that she "modeled" herself to look "normal" in that time (i.e her dressing like a high-society woman in approximately 1907 in a flashback).

Pandora's style typically remains the same, being that of a female mercenary. She is typically seen in a full outfit of black which she created herself, but has been shown to change this to model an occassion, such as when she changed it to attend a party in which she was undercover.

As Pandora, Pandora's appearance only changes slightly as she wears a black mask over her face that resembles a masquerade-ball mask.


"There are some of us that can't get what we want, because we choose to give others what they want."

Pandora is a somewhat bitter, yet humorous woman. She acts quite young and mentions her appearance to be in her late-twenties. She also mentions that she's at least a hundred years old, having been already quite old in the 1990s.

Pandora is considerably violent and this has been shown on several occasions:

  • When she first met Oliver, she punched him in the nose. She later did so yet again when she woke up after she slept with him.
  • Upon first meeting Clark, she nearly beat him to death for getting in her way of killing Lionel and Lex Luthor.
  • Pandora slapped Lois.
  • Pandora broke Chloe's nose.
  • Pandora, upon introduction, knocked Oliver over and then sat on him, punching him once, saying it was for "good measure".
  • Pandora nearly beat Clark to death for the second time, when she agreed to go along with Oliver's plan to defeat the untransformed Davis Bloome.

Pandora is well-known for being quite mysterious, hardly ever revealing anything about herself, or even her friends. She is called broken by Oliver, and this appears to be the struggle she has with her emotions and her instincts. She isn't a stranger to rejection or being left, as she "lost" Oliver, whom she loved and supposedly still does. However, she greatly values others' happiness, and after she had a "pep-talk" with Chloe about Oliver, she agreed to allow the two to marry and even was a Bridesmaid.

Pandora struggles with her romantic relationships, but her only firm one appears to have been the one she had with Oliver, supposedly founded by him saving her. At first, she was shown to be awkward around men, but later became quite fond of their company and this eventually lead to her sleeping with Oliver, something Oliver mentioned to be a "renewal" for them both and started their relationship with each other. Though, Oliver later left her, afraid that she'd get hurt.

Pandora has admitted that the reason she can't love is because she's afraid of getting hurt, but with Oliver it felt as though she could love and not get hurt.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

"Weak? She can throw Clark through like six skyscrapers."
Oliver Queen about Pandora's powers


Pandora has demonstrated superhuman strength, reflexes, agility, and resilience and healing. Her superhuman strength is great enough to rival that of Clark, and be somewhat of a match for the transformed Davis Bloome. Her superhuman reflexes were first shown when she was confronted by Chloe, whom tapped her on the shoulder and she flipped around, grabbing Chloe's arm.

Her agility followed this, as seen when she ran away from Chloe, and went from Smallville to Hub City in less than five minutes, a feat that rivals that of Clark's run to Hub City in "Ryan".

Her resilience and healing appeared when she became involved in a fight between Oliver Queen and Danny Rossum, a superhuman created from the meteors. Danny was able to beat her down to the ground, but she was able to heal and withstand it, only losing consciousness once.


Pandora receives dreams of the past, present, and future, something that allows her to see her past, which she formerly didn't know, view an enemy in the present, or see the future of herself or someone else. These dreams, however, she is unable to pick what she sees. They are also joined by "mind-blowing pain, followed by aching headaches", being similar to those received by Jessica Williams.

Fighting SkillsEdit

Pandora flexibility

Pandora using her fighting skills

Pandora's fighting skills are naturally-occuring, or rather instinctual. Because of her long-life, she has faced several enemies and fought in several wars (namely World War Two), and this has resulted in the development of her instincts and fighting capabilities. She is a skilled martial artist and a master marksman, and this goes hand-in-hand with her striking flexibility.

Probability AlteringEdit

Pandora's marksmanship and capabilities are greatly augmented by her capability to "alter" or rather increase or decrease probability. She often uses this in extreme fights, such as her battle with Danny Rossum, in which she increases the changes of her shooting him in his right shoulder.


Pandora supposedly has immortality, something mentioned on several occasions throughout the series. She has said that she participated in World War ll, an event that occured in 1939 and ended 1945, making her quite old. She later added that World War ll was even worse than World War l, indicating she participated in the latter as well. She was also shot by Danny Rossum, in the heart and although she bled, she survived.


"I feel bad for you, because you can never enter a classroom."
—Oliver about Pandora's vulnerability to lead

Pandora's main vulnerability has been shown to be lead, something that was troublesome when she acted as a student at Smallville High School. Her introduction to it causes her visions to go "wacko", and she collapses on the ground, experiencing convulsions.

Pandora's secondary, but not as powerful vulnerability is kryptonite, something she has in common with Clark. She is able to resist the pain kryptonite causes her, but this causes a considerable amount of strain on her body, as she was forced to remain at her home for approximately five days upon exposure to Lana's necklace, before returning to the school.

Early LifeEdit

Pandora young

Pandora as a child

Around the time she was nine, Pandora opened a box that unleashed death upon her family, pain and suffering, and Danny Rossum, whom was later revealed to be the pain and suffering itself. She kept the box, and left home, becoming a wanderer.

She supposedly participated in World War l and it is known that she did participate in World War ll.

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