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"I hate lead."
Pandora Earth2
Pandora Scarlette
Family Danny Rossum (fiancé)
Occupation Owner of Pandora's Box Café
Powers and
Played By Charlize Theron
Status Deceased
Pandora Scarlette, more commonly known as Pandora Scartletta (? - 2010 or 2011) was Pandora Scarlette's doppelganger from Earth-2. She was the fiancé of Danny Rossum, as well as the owner of Pandora's Box Café.

Season TenEdit

Pandora of Earth-2 wanted fame, and her small café wouldn't allow for this, and the Luthors consistently reduced her business. The most significant difference between her and her doppelganger was this drive for fame.

Pandora was later stabbed and killed by her fiancé, Danny after he revealed that he had taken her powers and that he had no use for her. Clark attended her funeral, alongwith Oliver Queen, and a rather upset Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan.


  • Season Ten: Luthor, Kent (Mentioned Only)