Roy was a young 14 year old thug who worked for George Vandervolt through his father Boris. He is voiced by Jaden Smith. Roy and his father are two loyal thugs under the employ of George Vandervolt. They know of Clark's weakness to Kryptonite. Roy and his dad make Clark a cake and poison it with the kryptonite. When Clark eats it and is near death and is taken to the hospital, they giggle and give each other a high five. They also kill a reporter who snooped into George's personal life. Along with Bruno Mannheim they dump the body on the Kent family farm to make it look like Clark's mom killed him. They also Kidnap Lois Lane and threaten to throw acid in her face if Clark doesn't surrender. Clark than proceeds to melt the acid spray bottle with his heat vision. He then holds the father and son duo down so cops can arrest him.