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Thomas North / Guardian
Family Anthony North (father, deceased)
Occupation Police officer (Metropolis P.D.)
Member of the Justice League
Powers and
Ability replication
Played By Colton Haynes
Status Alive
Last Seen Continuity

Thomas North the vigilante known as Guardian. He was turned metahuman with endoskeletal cybernetic enhancements after a horrific accident, which resulted in memory loss. He would eventually regain his memories with the help of Clark Kent. He currently works in Metropolis as a police officer for the Metropolis Police Department, and is a member of the Justice League.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Thomas in Odyssey

When Thomas was first seen in Persona, he had short brown hair, wore a red hoodie, a black shirt, blue jeans and black trainers. He is 6'0" and 175 pounds.

By the time of Legion, he had slightly longer brown hair and still continued to wear the colors of red and black.

Thomas just like Oliver, has generally kept the same appearance over the last 5 years. His hair has stayed in the same style since his first appearance in Persona, only sometimes it is seen grown out slightly.


Thomas in Doomsday

When he was seen in season 8 finale, Doomsday, Thomas wore a black shirt and brown jacket and had shorter hair than in Legion. He continued to appearance wearing this same attire through season 9 and 10.

As Guardian, Thomas masks his identity with a blue hoodie and gold gloves. It brands a golden 'G' on the belt, also has a gold helmet which contain a voice changer. His helmet has special electronic features, one of these features allows him to communicate with Watchtower.


Thomas is understanding, kind, cocky, mischievous and a little immature, along with invariably cracks a jokes. Later, after a horrific accident, he displayed a distinct personality and emotional responses, likely due to being influenced by his former persona. He was quite arrogant, not even considering the potential of losing, absolutely resolute that there was no way he could lose, he was also ruthless, extreme brutality and violence. Eventually Clark help him remember who he was and began to slowly return back to his former personality with extreme guilty.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Thomas has undergone several body improvement operations. The bionic endoskeleton inside him gives him the ability to copy the powers of other people through physical contact.

  • Solar battery: Copied from Clark Kent, he displayed super strength, speed, invulnerability, healing factor, super stamina, x-ray vision, heat vision, super hearing, super breath/arctic breath, dexterity, leap, flight, longevity and telescopic vision. (demonstrated in Odyssey)
  • Sonic scream: Copied from Dinah Lance, he has subsonic scream which generate a powerful sound wave, which can disintegrate arrows, shatter glass and knock people unconscious. (Odyssey)
  • Super intelligence: Copied from Chloe Sullivan/Brainiac, he can retain and process data. He is also able to memorize and compute complex algorithms and crack codes faster than a super computer, and also read at super-speed. He also had access to greatly advanced knowledge of the universe. (Instinct)
  • Telekinesis: Copied from an unknown source, he can influence the movement of objects and people with his mind, being able to affect the course by which they move, and he can also control the speed and momentum of the object. (demonstrated in Legion)
  • Electricity manipulation: Copied from Leslie Willis, he has the ability to produce and manipulate electricity. (acquired in Injustice, demonstrated in Doomsday)
  • Super speed: Copied from Bart Allen, he can run, exercise, react, or move his body at overwhelming superhuman speeds. He also has a connection to the "Speed Force". (Doomsday)
  • Cryokinesis: Copied from Cameron Mehkent, he can freeze others with a touch and shoot icicles at his targets from long distances. (Absolute Justice, Part 1)
  • Martian abilities: Copied from John Jones, he displayed shapeshifting, telepathy, memory manipulation, invisibility, intangibility and martian vision. (Absolute Justice, Part 2)
  • Teleportation: Copied from Emil LaSalle, he can move from one place to another instantaneously, without transversing the intervening space. (acquired in Ambush, demonstrated in Luthor)


  • Season Seven: Persona, Hero, Sleeper, Quest, Arctic
  • Season Eight: Odyssey, Plastique, Instinct, Legion, Bulletproof, Beast, Injustice, Doomsday
  • Season Nine: Savior, Rabid, Roulette, Kandor, Pandora, Absolute Justice, Part 1, Absolute Justice, Part 2, Conspiracy, Escape, Checkmate, Sacrifice, Hostage, Salvation
  • Season Ten: Lazarus, Supergirl, Homecoming, Harvest, Ambush, Abandoned, Patriot, Luthor, Icarus, Collateral, Beacon, Fortune, Booster, Dominion, Prophecy, Finale, Part 1, Finale, Part 2
  • Season Eleven: Guardian, Detective, Haunted, Argo, Olympus
  • Smallville Miniseries: Titans, Alien (flashback), Lantern, Chaos, Continuity

Alternate RealitiesEdit

Season Ten (Earth-2)Edit

See: Thomas North

Season ElevenEdit

Alien (Earth-13)Edit

Amazo was a criminal who worn a torn mockery of the Guardian outfit and the partner of Bruce Wayne, he was killed along with Earth-13 by the Monitors.

Other incarnations of GuardianEdit