Xenonians are the ancient rival race of the Kryptonians that were known for their incredibly long lives along with those they mate with, Xenonians claim that the being known as Darkseid and his son were of their Race, the Xenonians live on the world of Xenon and it is claimed that it is located in the same System as Krypton showing their close rivalry - while Krypton was close to their Sun, Xenon was furthest away.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • Solar battery - The Xenonians were powerful Warriors like the Kryptonians and both sides have an internal Solar battery, under a Yellow Sun their powers become active, both races ruined their economies in a war with each other but eventually bound themselves under a banner of peace. Before another war could occur however, the Sun "Rao" evolved into a Red Sun. Kryptonite seems to be able to strip them of their Super strength, Speed and stamina through interfering with their Solar battery although their Telekinesis despite being weakened remains intact.
  • Possession - While Kryptonians used Genetic Technology to create children, Xenonians possess lesser beings in-order to reproduce, although the Xenon Gene is dominant it takes a traumatic event to awaken the Gene to overcome their Human side. This ability was one of the few that didn't require an energy battery, due to it being a mental and spiritual power, which the Xenonians were known for even after "Rao" became a Red Sun.
  • Super strength - Xenonians are known to have physical strength roughly equal to a Kryptonian and one is assuming that they get stronger with age.
  • Super speed - Xenonians are roughly as fast as Kryptonians but slower than Radonian.
  • Super stamina - Xenonians have roughly the same level of Stamina as Kryptonians.
  • Super hearing and sight - Like Kryptonians, Xenonians have super hearing and sight, it is never stated if they have a different strength of either hearing or sight than their Kryptonian Cousins.
  • Healing Factor - Xenonians share their strength of Healing Factor with their Radonian Cousins, Xenonians can heal from almost any wound, even under the radiation from Kryptonite.
  • Longevity - Once they reach their late teens-to-adulthood, Xenonians can stop their aging and thereby live forever.
  • Flight - Xenonians are capable of high-speed fly like their Kryptonian Cousins.
  • Telekinesis - Xenonians were masters of Telekinesis and were easily able to destroy buildings with their mental might, this is a comparison to the fact that Kryptonians have Heat Vision that the Xenonians lack, usually catching Xenonians off guard during their war. It is hinted however, that Telekinesis can only be gained through experience and age, children and untrained Xenonians seem unable to use this ability.
  • Limited Telepathy - Xenonians have limited levels of Telepathy, allowing them to read the minds of individuals to get information, or attack the minds of individuals.
  • Invulnerability - Similar to the Kryptonian Cousins, Xenonian cells emit an unbreakable aura of solar energy that results in their near-invulnerability, however a Dagger from any of the three races (Kryptonian, Xenonian or Radonian) in the heart can temporarily incapacitate them so long as the blade remains in their heart and an unknown design of Sword is said to be able to kill them at the cost of the sword.
  • Bond of Peace - The Bond of Peace is a physiological contract bound between Xenonians and Kryptonians, it is said to take away both race's urge to fight worthy opponents (aka each other), the Bond of Peace stops all racial descendants of the contract signing from killing an opposite racial descendent.

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